In case you were wondering….


….about why all my Soundcloud songs are 2:00 long, I had to do it!  I do like Soundcloud, it’s very convenient, but there were and still are some things that bother me.  Transferring my songs from CDbaby to Soundcloud resulted in full length tracks (with a “buy button/link) but I found that people were just bookmarking, playing things over and over and not buying zip, and I’ve got mouths to feed too, just like everyone else.  So, up went the 2:00 edits. Again, I’m sorry I had to do this, but the nature of “clouds” has to be fought sometime. What you hear is all you get, unless you pony up the dough. I love you all – please understand.  My album HANGING OUT WITH THE BOYS remains now, and forever, a full length, FREE download HERE. 

Little White House On The Prairie: Day 4

My country has been hi-jacked by the White House and BOTH sides of Capitol Hill. And people wonder why the “Newbies” are acting up! Witness the way BOTH the congress and White House have acted toward our Veteran’s and their families during this “shutdown”. Not to mention a host of other things. (D) and (R), a POX on your houses. As for Barry?,…oh, nevermind…..over half of the electorate would LOVE to see a third and fourth term if they could.

All Too Soon from James Hooker on Vimeo.

Little White House On The Prairie: Day 3


Yes, in a way(s) I Do

Yeah, you pissed me off from time to time, especially when you couldn’t seem to find the right moment to pick up a veto pen to stop congress from spending like drunken sailors.  But, yes, I do miss you. Shoot me. I had a chat with you once after you were elected (before 9/11) and we had lunch at the Capitol on Saint Paddys Day 2001. This was right after the ‘hanging chads’ recount fiasco. I played and sang for you and you didn’t get up and leave. The lunch was very good, even if Teddy Kennedy was there – but I digress – one must not speak ill of the departed, though during the lunch, when he had to get up for some kind of urgent somethingorother, the food started tasting even better.

Yes, you cooked up that idiotic Patriot Act, but, even that’s understandable; If it had been me in your shoes that September day, I’d a’gone apeshit too. And I’m (sometimes to my detriment) a forgiving man. So, there you are. You weren’t perfect, but, you also weren’t a complete and utter fiasco. I can’t say that about the current resident of number 1600.

I’m NOT a republican, but here on the third day of Mr. “I Will Not Netociate’s” temper tantrum, it’s safe to say I’d rather gargle panther piss than, in the future, vote for a democrat. I’m waiting on the formation of the “I’msickofthisshit” Party.

Secession? By Who??


In a way, you could say that The Federal Government just seceded from the 50 States. And, I bet, each and every state will run like a Swiss watch. Maybe we’ll like the way it turns out and not let the lying, thieving, smarmy bastards back!

Governmental Rape


It has occurred to me, and, I wager I’m not the only one, that when the government is OPEN, we get screwed with a three foot pine pole including thirty ten-penny nails sticking out! They’ve NEVER offered lubricant, of any sort.  How the fekk is shutting the damn thing down gonna hurt any worse?  A gangrenous pox on BOTH parties.

Beethoven: God Bless The BBC

For all serious lovers of Beethoven, this is a must see. A 3 part documentary series produced by the BBC. Each part is just under 1 hour and very good quality video. Watch it before it's taken down. Me? A pirate? It's about bloody time.

To me,Beethoven was (arguably) the first songwriter. I studied his work first when I was very young - before I heard Little Richard and Jimmy Smith.  You could hum along as you played his pieces. No other composers I studied, with the exception of a few of Bach's works, gave me that.

At once a genius and madman.

HOMEMADE SIN IS BACK! Alas, you get me with it


I’ve been away from blogdom for a while.  “Homemade Sin” near drove me crazy.  I started piddling with it again several months or so ago, but still found myself in FaceBook Bondage. The got-damn thing is like crack! This will be my real first post. A warning.

I’ve grown weary of FaceBooks dreadful “I took a shit today!” way of interacting. No real interaction at all – just another fucking chat room. With that, I admit to my hypocrisy; because, for the time being, at least, I’ll keep my facebook page/s open and feed from here, where there’s much more freedom and flexibility. After all, I DO have many true friends and fans there. Maybe I’ll keep them open forever. Or not. Un-friend me, stop following, I don’t care, really. I just wish to write from here and spend more time in the studio. I mean no offence to anyone, not in the least.

It’s freedom I want. And I shall have it.

Thanks LL

“Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play”?